Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New Year's

Please don't -
I gave you another chance.
I did!
But now,
We're over.
And there's no going back this time.
Well, Probably..

See, it's eleven days into January -

So I fear,
We now must bow to the inevitable.
Sadly, that means,
Go our separate ways,
Once again!
So, goodbye then.

And how I tried my best to get along with you,
You know I did,
I did try,
As always.
And just like the last time,
I promised - again - to do things your way,
Because - in your blurb - that word - "commitment",
Would soon reap its amazing self-evident reward -
A shining "golden hello",
That would sing for itself,
Without appearing to try.

Strange then,
How you never mention,
The attendant pain.

It's now painfully, painfully obvious,
You don't understand my complex needs;
The resolution I made with you,
With my heart and soul,
I now realise,
Was not meant to be taken on,
Quite so literally.
Consider me no longer at your side,
In simpatico.

We're sadder but wiser,
I'm a lover, not an exerciser,

Farewell then,
Lateral thigh trainer,