Wednesday, 20 January 2010

This Fire Exit Sign

Dear audience,
Please be aware,
In the event of a fire,
This FIRE EXIT sign,
Will not be damaged,
And will not catch alight.
Neither should any of the fire extinguishers.


If you believe that you are likely,
To develop highly flammable,

Or toxic thoughts,
Please leave,
Right now,

As we really don't want your sort here.

If you do catch fire,
And you don't feel like leaving,
Would you please,
At the very least,
Be decent enough,

To collect the nearest fire extinguisher,
Holding the extinguisher close to you,
Like a new-born child,
Stand under this FIRE EXIT sign,

Without making a fuss:
Please rest assured,
The fire extinguisher and FIRE EXIT sign,
Will remain perfectly safe,
Even when your body is engulfed,
With poisonous and toxic smoke and flames.

So try and relax.

Thank you.