Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Need a mortgage?
Drill your eyes.
Dead or alive?
Take their money and their life -
Milk, parasite,
Milk the fuckers dry.

Grand parents?
Oh dear,
They've no right to be alive,
(They've no right to be dead for that matter!)
It's in the fuckin' will,
Or it will be,
So go for it!
Just go for it.

One small thing:
Don't complain,
When your eyes widen,
A few seconds before one of your fetid offspring,
Your fetid, hateful, ill-begotten offspring,
Fires a bullet -
Through your fuck head.

Don't take it personally;
See it as a chip-off-the-old-block,
A blood-hound tracker-mortgage 2nd generation application.
It's your kids,
Your kids,
Giving something back.
And they don't wanna see you suffer,
See you dribble and gurn,
Down on some granny farm:
You have no right to make them see all that,
You selfish bastard.