Monday, 1 August 2011

Snooze Button

Seconds before I must fall back awake,
To drizzling dreaminess uneasily I sling-shot
my flimsy detaching spiral.

The Snooze Button - a praying mantis.
And I cannot shake away its silent countdown,
The temp-deafened digital laughter.

My eyes - as sore as Romeo's;
A salted ochre sea star Guanatanamo.

And, in dream, the snooze button pounces,
Like The News At Ten:
"Tonight: The World's End.."
"No more weather - ever"

Snooze button,
Snooze button,
You gift me only lucid, anxious nightmares;
Your sonic rainbow rays pour
primary colours liquid concrete grey,
Coal, charcoal, ash,
Municipal car park green,
Institutional padded cell cream,
And asbestos marine.

Snooze button,
Snooze button,
I hope no one dedicates a poem to you.

Snooze button,
In five minutes time,
You'll press my button again.

A flaying embrace of flailing sunlight,
As golden as swaying moles at the stroke of midnight.

Snooze button,
You spill through my eyes you salt plain sorcery,
Enticing wishful mirages of dreaming drowning.