Friday, 21 October 2011

Cascading It Down To Teamzero

So on she floated on gears of again
Spirit Guiding upside-down her dream-catchers lobbing asteroids..
..and our senior manager has just been promoted to HR..

We perked up blank on that
Our corrective milling scrum in unibrow raising zing-nills UberMind
Cute and in tempo and Ego neo-spiritualized
HimalayanWe-aura ascending
Our Teamzero collective armour kerchinging
SoulConsciousnessYetis We-of-Us

Anya trilled
Senior manager?
We..we've ne-ver had a senior manager..
In organic tofu silence its sinews slaying octopusly
Like blame-charades during another Valentine anniversary dinner
Uncertain her face net-curtained the mini earthquake
As EQ mystic bingo equations deliquesced
She gurgled a name mooning her eyelash-Stone-Henges all Princess Diana mooey
Don't you remember when he came down to meet you all to say hello? ?
Again the hello key rising in Questionstatement Australian Soap Star Jazz Scale 4/4tm
Or like Delirium's grim angel paramedic-hello hello? hello? can you try to squeeze my hand?
The monitored casualty's thimble-sipping concave breath-streams brain-ashtraying below
Definitely so..


..not dead -

Yet but you promises

All beautifically dribbled up and ready to fry in the next shocking episode of
Dentists join us again same time tomorrow - minus twenty-five minutes or so - for the corpsing of Dennis's death-bed-confessional..

Welcome to the same time tomorrow
So now it's..

Dentists (!) I stole lucy's guinea pig? i was so angry
she should never have done that to Me

how dare she..she build that blasted brick wall right outside our pond?

is it any wonder our goldfish were so confused like that..?.. they could hardly breathe?

you saw them choking? right? gran?

that's why they all had anaemia before they croaked? their lack of oxygen mentalled-out their brainstems..

aauuaauhgran gran toby..i...i... can feel myself going? like? very dead again..?

oahh denny no.!!

..ii..iit's too late..gran toby..gran tobyy..??

Den-tists..everyone needs good den-tists..
Everyone needs den-tists..even if you all have teeth
Den-tists..everyone needs good den-tists
.They. Could. Be. You. Or. Meee..

Yeah said Bob like you say he came by and said hello
But he never said why he said hello
It was just hello as in hello
NotHi I'm saying hello because I'm your senior manager here is my face for you to drillerkilldartboard
Her fish eyes dilated like origami belisha beacons slighting yellow snow
Then she recovered her composure eleven-tenths nubile conflict managemently
He's popping by later just to say..uh..
Can you believe..?Goodbye or
I'm saying goodbye as in
She baffled her eyelashes

So who's our senior manager now?
Felix. He'll send us a message

He's less face-to-face than Eric?
He's really hot on not face-to-facing himself?
Her eyes drifted towards an out-of-place fire extinguisher musing it like a tarot card
..and fire extinguishers should not prop open fire doors not even in the event of a real fire let alone a simulated one..uh..
Then shrugging her triangulating shoulders
Different senior managers have different styles..?
We'll adjustOne of us stated
She salt-planed her saline smile