Tuesday, 16 April 2013

2033AD: Synchronise, Spiritualise..And You Know The Rest

So why not give your personal space a title - one that you will neatly remember -
Encapsulating a precious memory - your purest essence,
Like the name of a long dead, yet much-loved imaginary pet,
Or that secret, unforgotten, pined-for ex!
(they dumped you before you could them :-( )

Your password should have at least six letters,
Two floating 4d emoticons,
And one hyper-pie-hieroglyphic.
(no low-flowing telepath idiolect allowed.

Your preferred personal space provider Values your privacy.
We're delighted you have chosen us.

We will only disclose your data with our trusted partners.
And we will only disclose your data with their trusted partners.

[ * Please disabuse your ptryctv mind cookies while we populate our enmesh-streams washing through your cerebral cortex 
Your subcon OS is now in ZiFi hottubs 
So please ignore the legions of splintering dreamstream floatboats on  flash-through zoomtrees, and feel free to call upon the divine intell all around you ]

for your eye cone icons: tick "biomorph in chimedawn¥[glittery] - yes" 
.meme>>butterfly.yogamirror.dreaming .....

Waiting to synchronise...

 With Caresses

 And what would you like to think today?

Spiritualise me.

 Anything else?

Monetise me.