Thursday, 15 January 2015

Curve Ball

A burglar stole my debts.
So, now that I can afford counselling
I have nothing serious to worry about. Hmm..
Now isn't that, in management-jargon, called a curve ball?

I hope the burglar doesn't have a crisis of conscience,
And return my debts back to me.
I'll change the locks on my door,
Make sure the bastard doesn't get in..

Maybe he'll be worried that as he's stolen my debts
I'll worry about having nothing to worry about.
I'll live.
I'll soldier on.
Don't give it a passing thought Mr Benign Burglar.

Can you get counselling for that:
Worrying about having nothing to worry about?
Maybe on the west coast of the USA,
Near some New Age practice in Yellowstone.

And if he goes to prison,
He should receive counselling.
Although these days, things still being the way they are,
The newspapers would have a field day,
Things being the way they are.

I wonder has there ever been a time,
When things weren't the way they were?
There's a conundrum for existential historians to worry about.
Not me though;
I have nothing to worry about,
Except worrying about a burglar returning debts that he stole from me.
What a selfish world this is.