Monday, 27 April 2015

Poppadum Sommelier

May I introduce you to today's House Special Nominated Poppadom: Lumbini Nightingale.

The pronounced narrative notes of this boutique poppadom are deceptively languid and delightfully off-centre:
The top notes:
A flourish of cardamom, the organic sage sparkles cheeky eyelash dreamy saplings of jovial erotic saffron,
Glowing her golden epidermis shyly, enticingly..

Elusive zephyrs of Tibetan sage,
Slivers in landscaped peppermint oblongs blush her meandering subterranean canyons a bronzed cream.

Counterposing an arresting dandy of succulents, deftly alongside a parallel astronomy deckchair of fenugreek, Mumbai lemongrass..
Are a transcendental sprig of atomised turmeric,
Even more cheeky and vicarious,
which co-mingles entirely her crispy sandy sentient oceans mermaid..

Mentoring the top notes -
A burnished olive's fluorescing knob marine hosannas melting play jazz butter quavers sobbing the Vedic grass petals a love-in melody of subdued coriander.

So moving along the light-range of medium note-trigger-descriptors locking down this poppadom..
Going from middle-range to top then reverse to minimals, as that's easier:
A Daphne of ginger, 

Two iambs of Himalayan powdered yeti berry - the blessing Buddha's tincture liminal,
And dimpled to marvel..

A flamingo's flamenco of nutmeg tornadoes spruce glimmering lanterns a moon-night-lit dream;
The sandalwood scented rosewater sprinkling brazenly piggy backs iridescent like a giggling dancing temple girl -
Erotic yet timorous, fully tipped escarpments, secluded, forbidden, almost verboten,
rubs moistened olive butter-fingers along her edges..
Example, see here and here..

For me,
The almost baroque basenote architecture of this poppadom incarnation is where the real surprise of this truly blissful installation excoriates the tongue-lashing to orgas mesmerically:
Toasted sesame bugle-slivers imprint a miasma masala engineering;
A llama scrutiny silhouettes perpendicularising the strobes paprika, lime, and clove.
Tresses-dimini slips headlong inside the mezzanine.

Moving onto her nervous system's textual descriptors shimmering this boutique-level executive poppadom -
Observe the ambient hounds-tooth stitching - ships along the borderline - contrasting a yoghurt culture with a peachening shell filigree of coral cinnamon..
And if I may cheekily interrupt myself, this tickles my pickle every single time.

The heartland of this poppadom jamboree, geographically at least, habituates the middle shaman chakra bilinguals:
Lightly sunset tones, minute jade speckles, dappled peppercorns atomise the spirals-in-spirals
bohemian racy radish hymn to itself.

The flipside, ditto with minimal counterpoint-occasions,
Shifted by a light frosting of roasted almond submarine-dapples dazzling this fierce panda of a poppadom concerto's mangrove, Fernando.

I heartily recommend this poppadom for fifty pence stirling, fully inclusive of VAT and service charge.

*Poppadum can also be spelt papadum or pappadum!