Sunday, 1 November 2015

I Am Component

I am component
I am a

A clicking clinking trinket
A sliver of light in another rolled up wave

I live night in
Inside in
I deliver human

I clutch the strings that bind
If they loosen I'm my skin unnatural on my bone
The only way I feel at home is when I place my earphones on
Wherever I place my earphones that's my home
There's no place like earphones

I fell as the component
I once believed I only need to imagine
And there together we'd celebrate our strangeness

Now integrated slaves
Even though strays
Here's a cv
Baptised with the water from in-ashtrays
The stare of nothing
I pace

Sanguine so hopeless
This twenty-first century
The charmed epoch of aloneness
At least when I blush I'm on my own
I have this affect on alcohol
There's no place like earphones
Hear yourself fall
And flash by a reflecting android
He's still got his earphones on

He's still got his earphones on