Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Transcendentalist

So the scents of pre cornflake sex
And post energy drink breath

Pervades the carriage like a squid squadron infusion..

Acrid lemon bleach musk cologne
Tinkly-plink-thud beats effervesce from earphones
She leans arching on the glass pane knackered
Eye-liner Rothko remastered
Her groin marine satyr
Not so lucky a bastard
She receives a sext from another torpedo piece of spam with pecs
Night riders of the triple-xxx scuba app. pipelines
Anticipating the lying
Looking forward to her beau's spying..

Free newspaper time
Good deeds and lonely bee-lines
Fleeting eye-contact frieze a la carte
Doves flee shark Bonapartes
Amorous darts
You looking at me
You better be
This empty cup of coffee
Would murder for a cup of tea..

Egg sandwich Nazi
An olfactory nuclear catastrophe
Two parts sulphur
To one part ego cadaver of hoax-to-fade celebrity
Outreach egg sandwich Nazi..

Egg sandwich Nazi
A committed hater of commuter humanity
The clown at a Fred West house-warming party
And apropos of nothing
I met the scribe who outed an inspector
Later suicided in some woods
But that is another poem
And I never would..

The Zen master invites us all to mind the gap
I always sit cross-legged in the aisle when she chants
..mind the gap..mind the gap..Which gap
My chakras haven't activated sufficiently to decode this mantra
My codon helix still only binary matter
Although the descendants of Enki now spin peeling our ionised sun 
..mind the gap..mind the gap..
The commuters file through me
I'm a phantom rocking the 3d stun gunned..

Well she could be referring to the gap between this one and the next..
The gap between our fantasy and the grim reality..
The gap between our vulnerability and our armour..
The gap between illusion and dharma..
The gap between us surface dwellers and Agarthans..

I content myself that on the subconscious plain my third eye apprehends
Like a cherry blossom tree the haiku
An elusive state of bliss sudoku
..mind the gap..mind the gap...
..and the bends..I add 
Arising I clap one hand
Breathe in and hold on..
And hold on to hold on and in-breathe again - 
Intoning - 
...mind the gap..avoid the bends..mind the gap..

I know I will breathe out some day..