Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Interweb Counselling 101

So I'm sending you these instant messages
As I really don't want you to take this as personally
as you would emails
Or text messages from me
I'm thoughtful like that..

These eye-emms are only thoughts
As these are just my thoughts
Don't take my thoughts about you too personally
Unless you wish to
Which is fine by me..

These are only 
Thinking of me a bully
Or a troll
Is infantile
And childish
So I don't care

Would you say that to my face
You know what would happen if you did
Just sayin'..

So you can ignore this
- after you have read it
Entirely your choice
These are only my thoughts about you
This isn't real..

So stop treating them as if they are
People can be so sensitive
Toughen up
Live in the real world..

Do you think you're talented
You need to sort yourself out
And btw 
I know people
Trust me on that

I can find out where you live
Just sayin'..