Saturday, 26 December 2009


God. God.
God? God?
God, like this: God. God. I said God..
..Yes. And I say God. As in The God, pronounced "God". And I too..

God. God.
Ah, I know how difficult this is for you. Oh dear.
We must understand each other. Reach across this dangerous divide.
Yes. Yes.
So, listen: God. God?
Almost. Almost. Almost?
Almost, but not,
God God?
Again! God.. You're not listening I said God. Why are you getting angry?
Okay, love is all that we have here,
Let's remember that.

Okay. Again.
God. Oh, you mean, God, not..God? But..
In a word. In a word, hmm. Your opinion.
Let's try this again, agreed? Alright. Agreed.
Two, three, four..God. God.
Look, I was afraid this would happen. You're just afraid.
You're so.. I'm so..what..?
No. I'm sorry. Can we stop this dialogue now. Dialogue!
We seem..
This is why there are wars.. Yes! And isn't that a shame?
Yes, so why wont you.. Why wont I.. what?