Friday, 29 April 2016

Swipe Left, Swipe Right

The screen is your mirror
The mirror entwining with backlit light

..but I do look alright don't I..
Swipe left swipe right
Grin like your NHS dentist
Going private

So spin your bottled grin
Pull in your body temple chin
Try not to scream out the smile
Touch up your image to beautify
Swipe left swipe right
The dating site I Ching never lies

Stranded second-hand man
Sand-bagged woman
Upload the walrus virtual-mate-call
Unchain your very soul trickling down so draining
The self-stalking charisma catwalk

Catalogue and chart all the speed-bump strangers

Blurring together surging melting apart
Fellow stakeholders strike through the heart
No need to talk
This in toto rejection is the silent talking part

Swipe left and left
Swipe left and right
Job pre-interview your face unglued
Woo the hive mind revue through you
The kangaroo court of love's landmined Xanadu

Codify Cupid's clues
Deep fried in collapsed swooning queues
Zero-in to-do rendevous
Loop-the-loop Waterloo
Swipe face blue
Swipe face blue

Dial S for Selfie
Where the machine guns are eyes
Arm the perfumed trench militias visually infanticised
Now crayon vividity
Your product placement profile
Crucify them
Get crucified

And just swipe
Amanuensis-pipe your Hollywood script
Be a time traveller resending past timeline hits
Buzz saw romanticise truth's treeline to bits

Swipe another left
Swipe another left
Gulp down another carafe of still on the shelf
Hell is another selfie
searching for the self
Hell is another selfie
searching for some selfie else

Log in
Log out
Walk about
Log in
Log out
Run in
Run out

At last
Ding dong
Ding ding dong
It's what you're waiting for
Bang the mojo gong
You know that special someone's waiting
Pacing around outside your door
Heart racing
Oh it's your pizza
It's here
Well I bet this feels like war

And while you contemplate love's cruel lore
Know even vegetarians now mainline
the meat market for the time poor

And as you sluice the last isotopes of untrue Tuscan goo
Speed-drool prime real estate of the human zoo tattoo
Some sultry
Some elusive
Some forlorn
Some bemused
Some sporting stoned cheesy grins
Some clutch skiis by the pyramids
Some point to themselves an it's me
this me it's me
So is it time again to order more fast Tuscan MSG

Others stoked
As horny as goats
Some shoving their tongue down their lense's throat
They need your phone vote
For their fantasy porn panto
Introductions served with a light salad
At a delightful dungeon restaurant tomorrow
Will that be a no-show

Swipe left left
Swipe left right
So what's your status of like
Imagineer your algorithmic fate
Is it hexed
What will you say next
What films will you claim you best
Where do you see yourself in a year's time
What's your greatest weakness
apart from drinking too much wine
What skills do you bring to this plate of pine nut pasta
Is victory now when your date is not a complete disaster
When Amour's Titanic hits only icebergs of falling plaster

Swipe left and sigh
Swipe right it's okay you can cry
Wipe out another dating night
Do you realise
As your head was down
You walked past this possible love of your life
How wistfully they gazed
As your downturned face
glazed at the gorilla glass maze
Be amazed they aren't on a dating site
And be yet more amazed they might be right
Their stars and yours do align
Yet alas never now to be in the same cute timeline

Yet unusually
Dating sites always covet the loves of their life
Because we will click them today
And probably
                    tomorrow night
Swiping away left
Swiping away right
Cuddles for our dating apps and sites
Together how we look so nice
So made for each other
It must be fate right