Friday, 18 March 2011

Big Society Anthem

Big Society,
Big Custard,
Big Data,
Big Message,
Big Garden Gnomes,
Big Goldfish.

I really think we can do it,
I believe and hope we really can.
We've done it before!

Big Society,
Big Hard-Working Families,
Big Complex Carbohydrates,
Big Eyelashes,
Big Penance,
Big Crayons.

Big Words,
Big Astrologicals,
Big Solutions,
Big Tents,
Big Reality,
Big Dialogue.

Here we go again,
One more time now,
One more time.
Hope you're joining in at the back,
I can see your smiles from here!
So here we go,
One last time now,

Big Society,
Big Muslims,
Big Plant Pots,
Big Organic Goats,
Big Car-Share,
Big Sandwiches.
(I mean really big!)
Ha! Ha!
I knew you'd like that last one;
Those really big sandwiches..

Thank you so..

You can sit down now,
You can sit down again,
No you really can sit down,
I'm not even joking.

Thank you.