Sunday, 30 August 2009

Artistic Integrity

Your latest album has caused,
Well, lets be honest,
A hosepipe amount of controversy,
Especially your last single:
Proud to be Celibate at the Global Capitalist Gang Bang.
I mean,
That was pretty angry,
I mean,
It's great,
But, wow! what inspired you guys to..?

..Oh, you know,
Wasn't one thing,
More a combination of everything,
Merged together:
You know the bankers' bail-out,
All those free marketeers being saved by,
A collapsing banking system that had to be socialised!
But I bet they still hate socialists,
You know,

All that,
That's what the single was about.
It really seemed to touch a nerve..

I'd say!
More nerves than a brain neurologist, extracting piss!
The lyrics,
What is it?:
"You said that greed is good/
But It's Karl Marx whose got the morning wood/
Your reign is full of acid/
Your penis eyes are flaccid.."

Yeah, there's definitely anger there,
I'm no Marxist, but I was making the point...
Sometimes you have to get past their defences,
Go straight for the arteries.
It's dangerous:
You attack the system like that,
You attack yourself..

How do you mean?

Music is like a psychic sieve,
My thoughts drain out into society,
And if they're subversive,
Especially if not articulated politely,
Can be frightening.
You're putting yourself in the firing line,
They want to put a bullet,
Through your brain behind your eyes.
These bullshit commandos eat lies.
Like you or I eat pies.

Do you think that there is any contradiction,
You allowed,
Proud to be Celibate at the Global Capitalist Gang Bang,
To be used as the theme tune to the Bloonex toilet roll advert?

God, no.




Why? Because it's another way to get our message out there,
It appeals and pulls in a different consumer demographic,
That's central to us enablising -
if that's a word -,
Our musical product,
But I mean that it an obviously positive way,
To an otherwise discluded -
if that's another word,
Brand identity,
And thus,
Revitalise our base.
It's no use playing to a stadium that's empty.
As long as you keep your artistic integrity.