Sunday, 23 August 2009

A notice to all interested stake holders of this blog

With immediate effect,
all participating consumers,
shall receive,
cascaded down,
relevant streams of consciousness,
within a new psychic paradigm shift structure,
(pending consultation review),
ipso facto any subsequent revisions,
originating from the original draft source rhythms,
to enable its original - its original - visionary period,
to be determined,
at an, as of yet, appropriately defined juncture,
therefore enabling this blog's core values,
and outcomes,
- and it goes without saying,
ratified primary objectives - ,
to be harmoniously factored into all existing arrangements,
thus maintaining the artistic integrity,
of its brain-union with consumers,
and the retroactive poetic license,
in the contextual resource of the sub-domain unity therein,

Moving forward,
it has been determined,
that this blog's Best Value Quality Assurance benchmarks,
will better enable its medium to long term strategic subconscious objectives,
for territorial domination,
to be holistically re-integrated,
within its existing framework boundaries,
unless otherwise stated by this blog's designated provider,
in states of deliberately induced delirium,
as desired.

Please re-familiarise yourselves,
with all the identified and codified parameter revisions,
contained in the embedded attachment below,

Please also note that a separate consultation
(flagged up for your approval),
regarding the blog's corporate milestones,
has yet to be incentivised,
as front end financing,
is not thought prudent,
at this primary stage of the blog's spiritual cycle.

Kind regards

Suki Spangles